DriveRisk Australasia specialise in driver behaviour change and risk management. We are the exclusive partner for the Lytx DriveCam™ Driver Safety Program. We focus on improving safety by reducing the on-road risk within your fleet.

Our world leading driver safety technology includes video, telematics, direct fatigue and distraction detection systems. The latest SF300 device uses Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence (MV+AI) to detect risky behaviours that lead to and cause accidents. MV+AI directly detects billions of objects daily across the leading risk categories of distraction –

Mobile Phone, Smoking, Food / Drink and generalised Inattention. The event review process identifies 60+ risky behaviours, providing root cause analysis and recommendations for coaching.
DriveRisk has a proven track record of reducing risk, improving safety and saving money for clients. We provide detailed safety and business level reporting to ensure you understand how and where to improve your business and keep people safe.