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Welcome to Hammar Malaysia. We are a part of Hammar group, the world’s leading manufacturer of sideloaders. All our Sideloaders are built and customized in accordance to fulfil operation needs, made to last at least 30 years with its unique light weight construction and able to lift the heaviest loads with highest level of safety, ensuring safe and cost-effective long-term operation. With our roaring success in Malaysia, with a strong focus on safety, we have the largest service station for sideloaders in the world, with an average of 30-36 Hammar sideloaders coming in for routine service every day. We offer our customers 24 hour emergency service, 365 days a year. With experience in the industry since 1974, we set the standard for smart and simple container handling, that’s how we continue to win, which in turn makes our customer win as well. Be a winner, with Hammar.