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Kita Teliti

Kitar Teliti Sdn. Bhd, established in 1997, started as a truck spare parts trading house and had since expanded into various industries. Under the leadership of Mr.Cher Guan Chun,the company grown remarkably, venturing into automotive spare parts, tyre trading, vehicle auto service, palm oil plantation, real estate development, aluminium ingot manufacturing, and copper metals processing.

The primary focus lies in the importation and distribution of international tyre brands, such as Roadone Tyre & Vredestein Tyre, exclusively handled by Kitar Teliti Sdn. Bhd. within Malaysia. The company prides itself on the extensive network of branches and dealerships, allowing these brands to gain recognition throughout the country.

Overall, the company is in the process of expansion with the aim of becoming a leading entity in the industry, leveraging its diverse portfolio and exclusive partnerships.